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Grooming and Photography.
Experience in international sales and National champion grooming.
ASPC/AMHR carded Steward.
ASPC/AMHR carded Judge

I am available to do clipping for shows or sales photos. I can also take quality photos for sale or websites. I will travel if needed, please contact me if you're interested in a quote to have me clip or do a photo session. I will not edit the conformation of a horse, but I will do minor edits to take out lead ropes, dirty spots, distractions in the background etc. I have been involved with selling horses in the US and internationally for over 10 years and have groomed many Congress and National Grand Champions.

I am very reasonable on fees, but it will depend on the distance to travel and work involved. To give a guideline I would expect $75 per pony or miniature horse for a full body clip and facial, and $30 each to do a photo shoot. This does not include travel expenses.

If I have time at a show I will body clip or do facial sculpting, but animals belonging to clients of B&B Training will come first.
$75 body clip at a show
$15 facial/razoring only at a show

I will also travel to do hardships for AMHR registry and to work at shows as a licensed steward or judge.

Contact me at

Below are a few recent photos I have taken for clients
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